A True Grit Holiday

Over this next week I will definitely be spending a part of my holiday break at the movie theaters watching two Oscar buzz worthy movies – True Grit and Black Swan. I cannot afford to wait for these movies to come out on DVD. Must. See. Now.

I’ve been on a Western movie fix as of late and finally acquainted myself with movies like Unforgiven and The Quick and the Dead and recently started watching HBO’s Deadwood. True Grit, directed by the Coen Brothers and starring a solid cast that includes Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin, looks like it’s going to be another Western classic – needless to say another Coen Brothers masterpiece. I’ve never seen the original True Grit, starring John Wayne, but don’t really see the point of doing so since the Coen Brother’s version should be considered as their own piece of film work. Plus, the Coen Brother’s also didn’t see the point of seeing the original before they started making their film.

Here’s the trailer for the new True Grit. Now, off to find this weekend’s movie times…

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