Masthead Idea

I should be working on some more logo sketches but I just had to get this started. This blog needs some more visual pop. It’s a little bare right now and one of the first things I’ve been meaning to do is replace the masthead. I’m going to incorporate something like this to the masthead. What do you think?

Possible masthead design...

More logo sketches to come. Still on the search…

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3 Responses to Masthead Idea

  1. Spy says:

    A little color is a big help … I like the layering … gives the appearance of a screen print.

    • csws says:

      Yeah… it’s amazing how much better a clean graphic with color looks compared to sketches. I’m going to add this to the header soon. Possibly print it onto a t-shirt?

  2. Spy says:

    T-shirt … hell yeah! Maybe test it out … sorta RVCA-like. White T with that same color scheme.

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